Each moment a test of deception
Chasing the ghost of hope
Out of betrayal and desperation
The strange intensity of it
An aggression, a provocation
A patricide and regicide
The guilt staining it, tainting it.
Rage enraged, the sheer awfulness

Echoes of feelings! ❤️

The caresses, to the soft touches.
That tingles the skin,
Making your blood boil.
That makes your heart race,
beating a little bit faster.
The kisses and the soothing bites,
that drive you crazy, make you melt.
The marks and hickeys as a reminder
As they decorate, a form of art they make, fake tats.
Cologne, a perfume with a slight scent of sweat
A wisp of their incense.

Let’s be Free

Freedom is free
when the Mind is Set free.
freedom is imaginary
if we want to let it be
though it is what is real
like a dream it is real
get out of that block
break free of that lock
free the Mindset
feed the soul
free the spirit
lets not be captives in our own cages
lets not lock ourselves
Let’s be free

Mystery! ❤️

You are a book I don’t want to open,
Afraid of what I will find inside.
Skimming through, trying to paraphrase.
Am still in chapter one,
Pages don’t seem to open.
The paragraphs seem to interchange,
Words blur at times.
You are a wonder.
A dark mysterious forest,
All waiting to be found.
A treasure beyond measure,
A temptress.

The Cursed Hope

Depressed, stressed.
Not knowing what next.
The past haunts the present,
Trying to bulge in with urgency.
The future is unknown, bleak.
The need to mold it, craft it, is over whelming.

Stuck in limbo, a cycle. Circle.
The urge to break it,
Unbound from the shackles.
Everything that is holding us back,
Wielding us to the same spot,
Taking control of will…

The impression of hoping,
A sentimental.
Looking forward to the better days.
With fear lurking in shadows
Walking through it all,
Don’t hide anymore because we found clarity.

The light at the end of the tunnel
A shimmer of it bouncing on and off
Not sure, just following the reflection.
Something to wash away the pain
Gain something in return
After the struggle

Crushing, crumbling, up again on our feet
up from the ground we will rise
Like a phoenix from the ashes we will rise
Got to live that dream, make them come true.
Be happy, be full again, behold us turnlive

Heal, the wounds, value the scars
Building us to better selves version
Forgetting the past
Burying it in the dust
Focusing on the future, the greater.
Gaining sanity.


I crash, get lost, in you.
You drown the pain away.
Addiction, am addicted to you.
You are like the breath of fresh air.
You are a new face in this phase.
Its kind of unique.
You are intense.
Mysterious. adventurous.
you drive me crazy.
You attract me to your light like a moth. your presence I crave.
You make me feel whole.
You are one of a kind.
You stir me up.
Turn me upside-down, inside-out.
You fill the empty expanse of me.
into your orbs, I sink, deeply I do.
You fulfill my fantasies.
You make me come alive.
A switch you have on my trigger.
Burning me up to flames.
Yet, I keep coming back for more.
I know I will be scathed.
With the worst marks and scars.
But I want to feel the thrill.
Getting lost in you, I don’t mind.
You hypnotized me.
You create a new haven for me.
My blood keeps racing
Heartbeat, pick up each bit.
Intoxicating, you have bewitched me.