Dark and empty,
As the voids of space.
Cold and desolate.
Danger looming in.
Barbaric, depraved.
The mother of nightmares,
clinging to dear life,
Looking for any kind of relief.
Fears, holding you back, the only comfort,
makes your mind churn.
Echoes of threats, of no bounds,
Ringing, trying to push past.
Mind taking over the darkest part.
The potion that frightens little children,
Make the boldest of men cringe at.

Feigning Innocence

A retort, breathless, angry.
Walking around the wreckage
Face to face with the demon
Deep down, shriveled and cold
Heart beating out the chest
Engaged in a battle of self-destruction
How can one fight a split image of themselves
Or it is the inner cowardice on standby
Haunting expression, eye pooled
Stakes high and all the odds against one
Seeking victory but prepared for defeat
Too paralyzed to do anything
A symbol of strength and tranquility?
A sign, one needed for this
As one stares down into the jaws of a beast
A death wish card in hand.

Setting sun dipping low.
The forest line behind.
Golden, like the amber of the fires.
Burning, decorating the sky.
A marvel, a wonder
A sight to reckon.
In the sunny scented garden,
Well mowed, trimmed grass,
A picnic blanket set.
The serenity flowing in,
The peace comes with the place
The breeze brings the other piece,
Quite ethereal, surreal.

Echoes of feelings! ❤️

The caresses, to the soft touches.
That tingles the skin,
Making your blood boil.
That makes your heart race,
beating a little bit faster.
The kisses and the soothing bites,
that drive you crazy, make you melt.
The marks and hickeys as a reminder
As they decorate, a form of art they make, fake tats.
Cologne, a perfume with a slight scent of sweat
A wisp of their incense.

Let’s be Free

Freedom is being free
when the Mind is Set free.
freedom is imaginary
if we want to let it be
though it is what is real
like a dream it is real
get out of that block
break free of that lock
free the Mindset
feed the soul
free the spirit
lets not be captives in our own cages
lets not lock ourselves
Let’s be free